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Get Married Downunder

Every year hundreds of couples from the UK travel to the    other side of the world, or as many refer to it -    Down-Under   Married.
 Perhaps it has always been your dream to visit Australia, to see the spectacular Sydney Opera House right on Sydney Harbour, to dive through the beautiful blue waves on Bondi Beach or to travel into the red centre and visit Uluru - the true Aboriginal name for Ayres Rock and see the sun rising over its massive height, turning the rock into a huge red and golden spectacular?

Perhaps your honeymoon dream has been to cruise the Whitsunday Passage calling in at all the islands along the way or to bask in the warm tropical sunshine up at Cairns and Port Douglas in North Queensland? Perhaps the attraction for you are the famous vineyards of the Margaret River south of Perth in Western Australia or the stark white sands of Broome on the north west reaches of this vast and wonderful land?

Each year Civil Marriage Celebrants marry hundreds and hundreds of couples who travel to Sydney - to escape the Winter ills and chills of the UK, and to escape the enormous costs of the large full on, family wedding.
Instead, choose the couples combine their wedding with a wonderful and unforgettable romantic honeymoon to follow, Down-Under.

So where can you get married? That's an easy one to answer - you can get married absolutely anywhere in Australia, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week there are no restrictions as to where or when you can get married.
You do not have to marry registered on a certain - not c    is nothing like it in Australia.

Two firm favourites to get married in Sydney are both on Bondi Beach with the water lapping at your feet, or in the beautiful and picturesque Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens which overlook the Opera House on Sydney Harbour with the Harbour Bridge as your backdrop in the west and city skyline to the south - these are easy choices to make.
The gardens are in the middle of the city, only 5-10 minutes by taxi from most hotels.

Perhaps you might like to choose getting married while sailing around Sydney Harbour on a yacht or standing on the headlands of North Head overlooking the sparkling Tasman Sea, looking out towards New Zealand.
If your heart on a wedding chapel, ce n    set  is a middle of the city.
 Alternatively weddings are performed in the Celebrant's apartment or in the couple's hotel suite or hotel function room.
There are many secluded spots on the shores of Sydney Harbour looking across to the    opera el    Harbour Bridge, or perhaps you might rent interest in a small pavilion in the Chinese Garden of Friendship then down go to Darling Harbour, having to celebrate a sample of the many restaurants, cafes and trendy bars! Some choose to do it   the way she    and take a helicopter flight during which the skyline of Sydney with its harbor and the beaches below Zoom.
 For the whole family I have even hired a DC3.
Sydney Harbour Bridge is a    other option is a major attraction, or 39 on the steps of the Teatro dell    #; Opera.
 Perhaps you prefer to be up at the top of the Sydney Tower with its amazing views stretching right out across the western side of Sydney towards the Blue Mountains.
Each option of the seat can be organized and recruited by the celebrant for you - whatever your budget, c    is always something for you in Sydney for the day a very special.

So many honeymoon options.
Do you want to spend too much time on your honeymoon in Sydney? A big hint of advice here - do not rent a car in Sydney or in any big city, unless you are familiar with the usual complex of City Road CBD (are some are very busy, as found in all major cities throughout the world).
 Public transport by bus, train or ferry are the way to go, and daily or weekly passes are easily obtainable and very economical.
Just skip any bus, train or ferry and go to another by simply the map   .
 And while you're having that once in a life-time honeymoon, visit the world famous Aquarium at Darling Harbour within walking distance from the city, sample from the many trendy cafes and bars in and around the city and Darling Harbour, or visit the Taronga Park Zoo right beside Sydney Harbour - just take a ferry.
Take the train (the 8.
23am from Central Station) or a guided bus tour (highly recommended) to the Blue Mountains to see the 3 Sisters, the famous rock formations at Katoomba - there is so much to see and do in and out of Sydney while visiting.
A tip here - never    Book    a taxi in the city - a shaft down and hop.
 No point in getting lost on your wedding day or when sight-seeing!

For something a little different, why not experience an outback trip to a sheep & cattle station or join a National Park tour?

So many choices!

Your wedding dream can be very easily turned into reality as it's also a very easy process to get married in Australia.
What are the legal procedures? Again, very simple.
 The Civil Marriage Celebrant will send you the 'Notice of Intended Marriage' which you must complete and have witnessed no less than a calendar month prior to the marriage but obviously most couples do this many months, sometimes years before they travel, generally as soon as they have decided to get married Down-Under.
Then, only your signature witnessed in this form, both in Australia The beach house in London or by a notary who can be located by all the lawyers or notaries firm in all areas of the United Kingdom.
 You then send this form to the Celebrant for lodgement.
The other legal requirements are quite simple, you must be 18 years old and a single / divorced / widowed.
 (Divorce and death documents or your former spouse must be shown to the celebrant prior to marriage).
Two witnesses must attend the ceremony - the photographer can be a witness! After the wedding, the celebrant will register your marriage and is for your marriage certificate by post or if the weather permits to be registered, you can collect on the next working day and take it home with you, as legal proof of marriage.
 And in case you're wondering - your marriage in Australia is 100% legal and is legally recognised world-wide, and you do not even have to notify the UK authorities of your marriage upon return, as you will be legally registered here in Australia, a British Commonwealth country.
What we have for our wedding? Frequently asked questions are,    what we have for our birthday    and    how long it will take,   ? Most celebrants will send you a complete ceremony guide to choose your own special text.
 There are selections of verses and vows - again the choice is yours.
Alternatively, you can write her voice and the exchange of words ring.

You can either opt for a traditionally worded ceremony or a contemporary one - you may like to include some of your own traditions and practices and can even include spiritual or religious wording.
A celebrant, any kind of celebration you want, run by Rose, candle and sand ceremonies in a religious ceremony or a non-religious, this is entirely up to you what you have, you choose.
  Many couples from the UK wish to incorporate Celtic Hand Fasting into their ceremony, an age-old tradition where a binding is tied and knotted around the couples hands - this is where the words 'tying of the knot' comes from.
Many choose to have these and often with the sounds of a bagpiper playing professional background.
Most ceremonies are not too long, around 15-25 minutes but again, this decision is yours.
it can be as short or as long as you wish.
What must be booked in advance? The book will be the celebrant of the wedding venue of your choice for you, the date and time you want to marry you will.
 Most couples arrive a couple of days prior to the ceremony, to recover from jet-lag, get their bearings and meet with the Celebrant to finalise any paperwork.
It is usually a fee to the local authorities to get married in a garden or pay on the beach, but there are some wonderful free places that do not cost a cent.
 The Celebrant will also organise a photographer if you wish to have one.
Small packages are usually 1-2 hours    idea here, shots during the ceremony and later, in and around the place of marriage.
Photos and CDs can be delivered to the couple prior to leaving, if spending a few extra days in Sydney after the wedding.
The celebrant may be open for a bouquet and buttonhole, make-up and hair, wedding car, champagne, wedding cake, a live trio, bagpipes, etc..
Of course all these are totally optional but for most and the absolutely budget conscious, you don't need any of the trimmings whatsoever - just be here! The Celebrant, the 2 witnesses (arranged for you), and yourselves, under the Australian sun.
Of course there is no need to wear or to buy a wedding dress or suit, most couples who come to Australia from the UK, marry only in casual clothes, something to grab the light and wear something that is on the way.
 Some have even just worn their shorts and T.
Shirts - it\#39;s your day wear, so what you do.
 And there are no restrictions in Australia, of what time you can get married as you can marry any time day or night 24/7.
And there is no waiting period - provided you have completed all necessary arrangements with the celebrant to marry you as soon as you set foot on Australian soil.

Once I married a couple in the Arrival Lounge at Sydney's International Airport as they were getting a connecting flight straight out west to Uluru and they wanted to arrive there 'married'.
A    other pair has to midnight with candles flickering under the stars of the South chosen because it meant the time of her marriage proposal.
Another favourite is under an Australian Gum tree with kookaburras - you'll get this in the Royal Botanic Gardens even, and another favourite is sailing across Sydney Harbour.
An intimate wedding or a    family   amp; Friends    occasion? Often, whole families - many couples from the United Kingdom for families and bring their children with them.
 Parents often come too (they're great baby-sitters) and sometimes even the grandparents fly in as well (also great baby-sitters).
There are some good apartment-style accommodation available in the heart of the city, this is a simple and basic idea for families.
 It is often a wonderful reason (or is it an excuse?) for parents and family members to fulfil their dream of travelling to Australia and to combine it with a beautiful, cost-effective family wedding.
If you have friends already living here who are present at the ceremony, they can act as witnesses, but witnesses for you to be arranged by the celebrant.
 Some couples have even decided to immigrate after experiencing Australia - they can't resist the friendliness, the warm sunshine and their future prospects.
A most memorable wedding that I had in the Royal Botanic Gardens, the bride and groom from Sussex served no guests - just the two witnesses who had organized for them by law.
 We were about to start the ceremony when suddenly 4 people came running across the lawn.
You guessed it, both parents had gone to Australia and was suspended, the big surprise! C    tears and laughter, mixed with happiness, and the wedding proceeds as planned.
 We popped a few champagne corks afterward just as the sun was setting in the west behind the Opera House - what a day to remember!

The majority of couples though who come to Australia to get married just prefer an intimate wedding ceremony on their own, to escape the often huge wedding drama and generally, no-one back home knows.
After recording the ceremony and photos, the couple went to the restaurant of their choice and spend a romantic evening meals and drinks in one of the many 5 star restaurants overlooking the harbor of Sydney, and their return to the United Kingdom have a surprise and relaxed Party to celebrate with family and friends.

What's the first step? Convinced to travel Down-Under and get married? Well, it's now time to organise your airline bookings and hotel accommodation.
Your local travel agency will help with some big deals, or go for cheaper options online.

And then of course, most importantly, contact the Celebrant to book in your day and time for the ceremony and then, start packing your bags.
Come on, we are waiting for you, Down-Under.
 Under the lazy, warm, blue Australian Summer skies.